No one told me it would be so hard

Hey everyone 🙂

If you’re only joining my blog/e-shop now then I will give you a fast run down before i begin.

We do EVERYTHING personalized and for certain season events we have limited time sales, such as for prom, shoe month, etc…
we specialise in all things handmade that touch the heart making it personal, from kids clothes, jewellery, wedding items, home decor, gifts, keepsakes and so on…

Soooooo, to get back to the issue at hand 🙂

I, like many others have tried for so long to make a site, get customers, just to make a living and be noticed, the truth is, i don’t expect to get rich by doing this, just want to give people that sentimental and special ‘thing’ that will leave memories for a lifetime.

‘No one told me it would be so hard’
Well, IT IS! there are so many obstacles that come with starting up a business, lots of disappointment and times you’ll feel like giving up, or useless, or stumped on what to do,.. but nothing good in life comes easy…. and then the rewards come.. hopefully. Just don’t give up, try sell things that YOU believe in and that say something to your customers. Always be honest, professional and sincere and advertise as much as you can.
Good luck! and thank you for being part of my crafting life 🙂

If you have any suggestions or want to see or hear about something email us!


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