Top 5 Affordable Wedding Guest Outfits for 2019

We all want to look our best and turn heads, not just for weddings, but all the time, well, this list will help with that. I will include links, tips, ideas and  how to’s.

Since we don’t want to steal the limelight from the bride on her special day but still want to make a statement, there are a few things you can do to achieve the perfect, yet affordable outfit to do so.

I know for us, we had 4 weddings in the matter of 1 month and to choose outfits was a nightmare, but along the way I got some pretty amazing dresses that really did get second and third looks, and many compliments.

Without further ado, Here are our top 5 Outfits for 2019.

  1. The mermaid sleeveless dress

This dress flatters any body and is so comfortable. The fabric is somewhat stretchy and thick. Its one of those dresses that go well with little accessories. I paired it up with a silver diamanté necklace, a silver bag and silver stilettos. Even though I’m more of a gold and black gal! Heres some photos and the link to get yours! It comes in black and red. Click on the dress to go to the page.

The shoes, bag and necklace I wore.

   2. THE RACO bling dress

This dress is just wow. In silver and gold, and resembles diamonds. So beautiful and fitting to most body types. Can be worn for prom, wedding guest, parties, or events. I’d wear it to the mall 😛

Matched up with a beautiful pair of single strap high heels and a small clutch, add a pair of simple earrings and tennis bracelet and your good to go!

click the photo to be directed to the link.



3. Gold Sequin Dress

SO, this dress has a splash of sexy and class. can be worn for prom as well as a wedding guest in some tropical or high class venue. Its affordable and a must have!

Pair this gem with scrappy stilettos, some bracelets and earrings and a small clutch!

click the photo to be directed to the link.

4. Red embroidery lace mesh dress

Seriously, if you’re looking to turn heads, look no further. This dress will blow everyones mind!

click the photo to be directed to the link.


5. Ruffle dress

This dress is dressy and casual all in one. You can spice it up with some jewels, sexy shoes and a nice hair do!

click the photo to be directed to the link.


So this concludes our list for wedding guest dresses part 1!


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